Arizona Heart Anesthesiologists

Bringing the Heart to Cardiac and Critical Care.

AZ Heart Anesthesia has been committed to the highest quality anesthesia and acute pain management for patients since 1996. Our staff of over 40 doctors and nurse anesthetists make up a tightly-knit group of nationally recognized experts in compassionate patient care.

Our Specialties

The healthcare industry is constantly making new advancements. Our staff understands the delicate balance between tried-and-true principles and cutting-edge techniques:

Anesthesia for General Surgery

We administer general anesthesia and regional anesthesia for rendering patients completely unconscious as well as taking care of post-operative pain following surgical procedures.

Anesthesia for Cardiac Surgery and Endoscopic Cardiac Surgery

One of our specialties, providing anesthesia for cardiac surgery, involves the heart and great vessels in the body. It could be performed to treat congenital, ischemic, rheumatic, or valvular heart disease, as well as addressing issues like atherosclerosis.

Do you have feedback for us?

Our own Dr. Reza Kharrazi personally receives each suggestion and story, using them to improve the quality of our patient care.